Which is the Cheapest Market in Delhi for Clothes?

I want to buy clothes at a reasonable price but with satisfactory quality also. Could someone please guide me for the cheapest market?

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There is no place better than Sarojini Market in Delhi to buy the latest trends at a cheap rate. I don't think there would be any girl in Delhi unaware of this market. It is the heart of shopping for all those who stay and visit Delhi. Most suitable to young college going girls, this market brings the latest fad of season every year in our capital city. Apart from clothes, shoes and bags can also be grabbed from there. All the latest trends which you see in high end stores are available with a wide range in the market. It is a waste to squander money on branded clothes because you would find the same design with a lot more options in Sarojini.

Just make sure to be on point with your bargaining skills, otherwise you might get looted there. One more thing that is to be kept in mind is to never show interest in the item you want to buy as the shopkeepers gets your nerves and would raise the price.

Though you have not mentioned which type of clothes but I presumed it to be daily wear western clothes and regular traditional kurtis. So, go to the Sarojni market for clothes without any second thought, you will be amazed to see the varieties and color options present at such amazing deals.

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If you are looking for cheapest clothes Market in Delhi, the first place that comes to mind is Palika Market. It is one of the oldest markets popularly known for super cheap clothes. And the market is not just famous for shopping of clothes but it has emerged as the favorite hangout place among Delhites. The vibe to the place is one of its kind. You will find hawkers and peddlers selling handicrafts and other stuff in the lanes of Connaught Place. Friends having a good laughter, cracking jokes on each other, pulling each others' legs. All such scenes bring life to the streets, it is one different world altogether.

Basically, there is one upper roadside market which sells Boys and Gents garments at great prices. You will find everything here be it leather belts, handkerchiefs, ties, shoes or sunglasses. Literally, everything to make you party ready can be purchased at minimal cost. Replicas of luxurious brands like Gucci, Dior, Mac, Louis Vuitton, Armani etc. are available here in abundance. So if you are a fan of brands but budget is a problem, here is your chance.

Then there is an underground market which mainly deals in girls' clothing and footwear but that does not mean there is nothing for boys, there are some boys' clothing shops and tattoo artists too in the basement.

But refrain from buying Makeup Products, Deodorants and Electronic items from there as these are nothing but duplicate products to scam you. While buying clothes, check thoroughly for defects as you will have to grab the right product and right deal for yourself. You cannot leave things on salesman as you do in a brand store but making sure you don't get fooled is the ultimate strategy here.

Also, there is another option of Janpath Market, hardly 5 minutes walking distance away from Palika. Girls would find better varieties over there.

The shops there, are basically a product of Jugaad with no walls and tin sheets for the ceiling. They will quote a very high price, don't feel shy to offer a price as low as Rs. 100. Bargaining skills are always a must for Flea markets.

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