Gigolo Market in Delhi - Exploring the Dark Life of Delhi

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There is some untold story or events that happen in Delhi which you may not know. If you reside in Delhi, you must be eager to know “what it is?” Today, we will draw the curtains on the Gigolo Market in Delhi. You must have heard about bidding on a woman's body. But now there are many locations in Delhi where men are bidding for a place and women are the bidders.

Famous Gigolo Market in Delhi

  • Connaught Place
  • Lajpat Nagar
  • Laxmi Nagar
  • Karol Bagh
  • Kamla Nagar
  • Sarojini Nagar
These posh addresses in Delhi that serve as Gigolo market in Delhi after it gets dark and began the game at the night after 10 P.M. to 4 A.M. in the morning.

Women have many options to pick a gigolo from. They can pick the gigolo either from a club or contacting through some agency and calling him to a particular location or a hotel. There are areas in which these men are available in plain clothes who are like women by-stander on the road and await their clients. They get picked up by the rich women who drive luxury cars. The Gigolos can be identified easily with their dressing sense on various famous locations. They put a red scarf around their neck so that women can easily identify and pick them.

Now you must be thinking "What is the need for men to do this kind of thing?"

The majority of men, who enter the Gigolo market to get picked up by women are the students who came for their studies and men aged between 20-30s. It was observed that some males become prostitutes to fulfill their financial needs, or for their sexual needs or lust. They may also enter the business for arranging money for drugs. Some of the males also find the idea of getting laid while getting paid is interesting.

Booking a Gigolo

For booking of gigolos, women bargain a lot. There are specific charges ranging from Rs.1800 to Rs.3000 for spending some hours. If the client wishes to spend the whole night, then she has to pay Rs. 8000. The booking of Gigolos is done in a proper systematic way. Gigolos have to pay 20% of the money that they receive from the client to the organization that they are associated with.

Is it easy becoming a Gigolo?

According to the trainer who runs a website called Gigolo Training, it makes the statement that it is not easy to become a Gigolo. You must have a charm and attractiveness and master the art of flattering the client. He also said Gigolos need a high level of fitness, should be good looking and he mainly emphasized showing masculinity. He also tells not everyone can know the art of loving a woman and the value of intimacy that they will share.

Where and how people join Gigolo market in Delhi?

These businesses mostly run over the multiple online websites through which booking can be done or location for a meeting can be discussed over a telephone call by calling a specific phone number.

As this business is booming in India. People often came across many online advertisements of males. Gigolos that promise to deliver the best services without pinching the pocket. But things do not turn out like advertisements every time.


Q1: Where are the deals of Gigolos happen in Delhi?

The deals usually take place at some of clubs or cafes.

Q2: Where are these services available except form the online platforms?

These special services are available at some of the pubs where males are available.

Q3: What kind of men are involved in Gigolo business in Delhi?

According to the research students of medical and engineering are more engaged in this gigolo market.
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