Health Insurance: One of the Best Tools to Save Life after Life

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A number of companies are presently available in the market which is proving health insurance to a large community.  The benefit of health insurance is for both, the company and the insurant.  In case of any unforeseen incident or accident, the detailed grant is available for the insurant after verification, and in case no such happening occurred, company will get the benefit of premium deposited.  Some of the companies also give maturity on health insurance.  The insurance ranges are different according to the various premium plans launched by the companies.  The flexibility of health insurance plans makes them suitable and affordable for all.  A number of insurance companies are providing better opportunities to their customers.  The slots of sum assured are normally 2, 3 and 5 lacks and this can be afforded easily.  The easiest and best possible health plans are attractive for each.  A lot of benefits are hidden inside the plans. Some of these arte as under:-

  • Hospitalization without the cash: These plans provide you an offer to be hospitalized anywhere in the impaneled points without the worry of the cash.  All such fiscal matters are required to be dealt at later state.  The bills of the hospital are adjusted later with the insurance companies.  Each health insurance company has associated some of the hospitals as its panel.  The insurants of the concerned company are supposed to be admitted there only to get the medical benefits. It may be that the concerned hospital may not have the required facility and in this case a referral of the impaneled hospital to other medical center will also permit you to get claims
  • The vast empanelment of the hospitals: Health insurance companies keep various hospitals in their panel to avoid additional charges to be given to an insurant.  It may be that in other hospital, the services charges are different and in case access payment than the standard, will be payable to the insurant.  For saving the money on mediclaims, the insurance companies try to get the association of different hospitals in their panel.
  • Renewal of Lifetime: In various companies the health insurance is of life time.  However some of the companies are providing the health insurance for a specific time period. But the cut-throat competition in this field has shortened the area of working and many companies have changed their criteria of renewal.  The present day’s system is ifs stands for the life time renewal.
  • Benefits under taxation: The health insurance companies also provide the opportunity to the insurants to get the deductions in the income tax.  In case a person has purchased the policy of any company, he/she will get the rebate of income tax under the section of 80(d).  The income of a person is taxable but if the health policy is with, the appropriate rebate is assured.
  • Claim assistance:  In the fast moving life style, everyone need the quick action by the insurance companies and need the settlement of claims at the earliest.  The companies have opened their customer care to take the complaints and requests of the insurants regarding faster settlement of claims.  As and when a claim reaches to the company, the staff concerned starts working on it.  To address the issue with quicker approach, the machinery of the insurance companies works with pace.  All the settlements of the claims are done within the shortest possible time so that the insurant may not divert to other companies in hope of quick actions.
  • Discounted renewal :All the health insurance companies are providing some discounts and rebates on the renewal.  This discount is subject to increase in some of the special cases.  The discount ranges from 5% to 25%.  This is done according to the progressive manner of the policies selling.
  • Comparing facility:  Presently all the details of health insurance companies are available on net and one can easily compare them before selecting the correct one.  The comparison may be for the rates of premium, percentage of discounts on renewals, quickness in settlement of claims and many more.  Some of the companies are providing the faster settlement action and some companies insist of providing better medical facilities to their insurants rather than maturing the claims.

In the present scenario, most of the companies are dedicated towards the customer care and providing the fully dedicated services.  This is the way of enhancing the load of customer on them.  The health insurance policies are also being sold through online mode.  All the claims are settled within the stipulated period to satisfy the insurant and also to ensure the reputation of the company.  One can get the details of best health insurance companies available in the country and select the best one according to the plans available. 

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