Local EMU Time Table of Delhi Local Train From Mathura to Delhi Via Faridabad, Palwal and Ballabhgarh

Local Train Time Table

Palwal To Delhi

Are you looking for your local EMU trains time table, then you're at right place where you can collect information regarding to NCR Trains shuttle services with correct time. Following trains timing schedule are given below as follows:

Train No.PalwalfaridabadNew Delhi
Palwal New Delhi Shakurbasti EMU06:0006:3107:20
Palwal - Ghaziabad EMU06:2507:0107:50
Mathura New Delhi EMU06:5007:2308:15
Palwal New Delhi EMU07:1507:468:50
Mathura Ghaziabad EMU07:2507:5809:00
Palwal New Delhi EMU07:5508:2609:30
Palwal - Ghaziabad EMU08:2008:4109:50
Palwal - New Delhi Ladies Special08:2508:5909:55
Kosikalan Delhi Ghaziabad EMU08:4809:2510:48
Palwal Ghaziabad EMU10:5511:2612:14
Palwal New Delhi Shakurbasti EMU12:3513:0614:00
Agra Cantt. - Old Delhi Passenger (UnReserved)13:2014:5415:00
Palwal Shakurbasti EMU14:3515:1616:00
Kosi Kalan H Nizamuddin Passenger (UnReserved)15:1015:5916:15*(nizamuddin)
Palwal Shakurbasti EMU15:40-17:00
Palwal Nizamuddin EMU16:35-17:45*(nizamuddin)
Palwal Delhi EMU17:4018:1119:08
Udyan Abha Toofan Express18:00-19:40
Agra Nizamuddin EMU19:02-22:05
Kosikalan Delhi EMU22:42-22:10
Palwal Shakurbasti EMU22:30-00:01 +1 night
Palwal - Ghaziabad EMU23:15-00:37 +1 night

Delhi To Palwal

Train No.New DelhifaridabadPalwal
New Delhi Palwal EMU00:1500:5801:30
New Delhi Kosikalan EMU04:4505:1805:57
Old Delhi - Agra Cantt. Passenger (UnReserved)07:25-09:09
New Delhi Palwal EMU08:40-10:05
H Nizamuddin Kosi Kalan (UnReserved)09:30-10:40
H Nizamuddin Palwal EMU10:20-11:55
Shakurbasti New Delhi Palwal EMU10:35-12:10
Ghaziabad Delhi Palwal EMU12:34-13:55
Shakurbasti New Delhi Palwal EMU13:50-15:30
Shakurbasti Palwal EMU15:12-16:55
Ghaziabad Delhi Kosikalan EMU16:02-17:35
New Delhi Palwal EMU17:00-18:20
Ghaziabad Delhi Mathura EMU17:12-18:49
New Delhi - Palwal Ladies Special17:5018:3219:20
New Delhi Palwal EMU18:0018:4119:25
Ghaziabad Delhi Palwal EMU18:1518:5819:40
Shakurbasti Mathura EMU18:5719:3620:17
Old Delhi Palwal EMU20:0620:4921:25
H Nizamuddin Kosi Kalan EMU*20:0421:0621:50
New Delhi - Palwal EMU21:2522:0822:45

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