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Best Clinic For: General Physician, MD Medicine Doctor, Dentist, ENT Doctor, Pulmonologist, Orthopedist, Cardiologist, Gastroenterologist, Pulmonologist, Paediatric & Physiotherapist, Etc Consultation. General Physician or GPs, also known as or primary care physicians, are doctors of medicine who diagnose and treat common health conditions like cold, cough, and indigestion. They also treat fever, infections, dengue, malaria, jaundice, cholera, typhoid, stomach flu, intestinal infections, respiratory issues, and other waterborne diseases.

At MedicoForYou, we have a band of highly skilled general physicians and primary care providers experienced in general medicine and attached to the best hospitals. Our doctors in fields of medicine are ready to help you through online doctor consultation


  • Online Dental Consultation
  • Physiotherapist Online Sessions At Home
  • Best Gastroenterologist
  • Cardiologists Consultation

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► How Would You Book An Online Doctor Consultation At MedicoForYou?

The steps to talk to a doctor online are simple: 1) Contact us by visiting our website MedicoForYou for Online Doctor Consultation. 2) Select a specialist doctor to consult. Consult MD physician for symptom diagnosis. 3) Book doctor appointment online & one of our specialist will connect at your chosen slot. 4) Ask a doctor online about your symptoms, problems, condition, medication, & more during your consultation — no time restraint. 5) Online doctor consultation at MedicoForYou may require you to submit previous medical/ lab records, etc. so the doctor can better understand your condition. 6) Post the teleconsultation, you can get follow-ups with your doctor.

► Which Online Doctor Should I Consult With?

If you are aware of your condition, you should consult with a doctor of the speciality your condition falls under. For example, if you suffer from gum problems, ulcer or tooth fracture, you should see a "Dentist" . If you suffer from back pain or lumbar pain, you should consult a "Physiotherapist". But if you are unable to understand your symptoms, it will be best to consult doctor online such as a "General Physician" They will assess your symptoms and diagnose the problem and may refer you to another specialist if needed. You can also consult doctors online if you simply require a second opinion/ recommendations. For instance, if you need a second opinion for your child’s vaccination schedule, you should consult a pediatrician who can provide you with a complete vaccination chart to follow. If you require a recommendation for your baby
Anmol Bhatnagar
Best General Physician In Delhi NCR

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