the workar

RZ 2677, Gali No 28, Tuglakabad, Delhi, 110019


The workAr is the first company in India from where you can hire Manpower for your work, and you can also purchase related Material from it very easily, All the work related to Construction and Renovation work You can also Book and Purchase the Product on the same platform which is the Raw Material used in that work, the process of buying Hardware and Sanitary Products is very simple and clear Let us know how and how much Manpower will be used in the work and what should be the quantity of the materials used in that work! Painter, Plumber, Carpenter, Repairman, Labour, Technician, Electrician etc and also related Products Such as Paint, Bathroom Fittings, Kitchen Fittings, Wood, Timber, Building Material, Electronic Accessories, AC Parts!

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Yes11:00 am to 11:00 pm

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Service Based

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Tuglakabad (Violet line)

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