Gaffar Market has always been a shopping destination for those living or traveling to Delhi. The versatile market is named after the well-known freedom fighter Gaffar Khan, a.k.a Border Gandhi. From mobile phones to accessories, one can find the latest electronic gadgets at the lowest rate.

Shops in the market are full of discounted items such as mobile phones, LED TVs, PlayStation, home appliances, etc. Items in Gaffar Market Delhi arrive even before the launch in the Indian market. The market is an electronic hub offering Chinese products without invoice bills.

The Gaffar Market Karol Bagh started in 1952. With around more than thousands of shops, the crowded market deals in electronic gadgets, textiles, footwear, cosmetics, etc. All the items come from countries like China and Thailand, and undoubtedly they do a great business.

Is Gaffar Market Open Today?

Yes, It's open today.

Nearest Metro Station to Gaffar Market?

Karol Bagh (Blue Line). This is an interchange station between the Violet Line and Pink Line of the Delhi Metro

Gaffar Market Delhi closed on which day?


Things to buy from Gaffar Market Delhi

  • Mobile accessories and repairs: The market street has ample wholesale mobile parts shops that deal with all mobile phones, accessories, and repair. It is also known as the grey market area as shops here do not provide bills and warranty for products. But people prefer the market as it has the solution to every mobile, tablet, iPhone-Pad, laptop, and much more. If your phone has an issue and you are in Delhi, Gaffar Market should be your priority. Be it screen damage or IC, AC problem, your phone will definitely find a shop to get repaired.
  • Electronics gadgets and home appliances: Gaffar is a paradise for all the tech freaks and lovers. You can easily find an imported led tv in gaffar market, and the price depends on your bargaining skills. Apart from imported TV, shops here offer varieties of latest cameras, tablets, laptops, air-conditioners, at a bulk discount. People still love to buy branded electronics items irrespective of the bill and warranty.
  • Imported garments and shoes: If you get tired of the electronic side of the market, you can switch to the garments, shoes, and other sides of the market. You can find an extensive range of Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Woodland Shoes at one fourth-rate of the original price. The market doesn't stop here, various shops here sell imported watches and replica bags in Gaffar market.

Shops in Gaffar Market

Gaffar Market Opening and Closing Hours or Timings?

09:30 am to 09:30 pm

Gaffar Market Delhi Address?

Gaffar market, Kherian Mohalla, Subzi Mandi, Karol Bagh, Delhi, 110007

How to reach Gaffar Market?

By metro: It is recommended to reach by Metro as South Delhi observes heavy traffic jams. It is about 10-15 minutes walking distance away from the market.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Gaffar Market, Delhi

  • If you are new to the market, try taking a local friend to get authentic items.
  • Never be fooled by the local shoppers as they can sell you local products, especially electronics products.
  • Head to some big shops and showrooms to grab authentic products.
  • The entire market is quite congested, and the streets are always dirty. Be alert as you can encounter several pocket pickers and thieves amid the heavy crowd.
  • Never fight for the bill and warranty as it's useless.

Lastly, bargain at the best as you never know the mood of the shopkeeper. Do visit the traditional Delhi market once in your life.

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Nearest parking place to Gaffar Market Delhi?

Parking facilities are available at Arya Samaj Road, Ajmal Khan Road, and Ajmal Khan Road.


What is the best time to visit Gaffar Market?

Try visiting the market at the earliest to grab imported and first copy items at a bulk discount.


Is it a wholesale market or retail market?

The market comprises both types, but large items offer a massive discount compared to the small ones.
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