Hauz Rani Market is referred to as the heart of home decor beauties. This famous market in South Delhi remains a customer-favorite place for a wide variety of ceramic and terracotta items. Furthermore, you will mind incredibly designed clay pots for different purposes in this crockery market. You may also get stunning earthen tree houses and colorful stones for your gardens and pet birds.

Hauz Rani Market is undoubtedly one of the central points of New Delhi. Be it the metro station or the marketplace, the natives and visitors are equally excited to visit this junction. As you come to Delhi, collecting some special items as memoirs are mandatory. Therefore, the pottery department is undoubtedly the most appreciable part here. You cannot miss Hauz Rani Market when it comes to decorating your home or taking some pretty gifts home.

Is Hauz Rani Market Open Today?

Yes, It's open today.

Nearest Metro Station to Hauz Rani Market?

Malviya Nagar (Yellow Line)

Hauz Rani Market closed on which day?

Opens all days in a week

History Of Hauz Rani Market

The history of Hauz Rani Market is very rich and reflects the magnificence of every unique item. Moreover, the handcrafted creations let you admire the beauties of the crockeries, flower pots, and other articles. Here are the amazing facts of the place at a glance.

  • Local craftsmen from different parts of Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan migrated to this part and set up this small market. The collective efforts gave rise to this outstanding Hauz Rani Market. During those times, the artisans used to travel to different regions to sell their hand-made articles. The age of the market is more than 60 years.
  • For decades, talented craftsmen's hard work and magical carvings have ensured an eye-catching decorative corner at many homes. Previously, only hand-made clay items were available here. However, with the advancement of technologies and new methods, ceramic pots and plates became popular. Thus, it is one of the high-in-demand ceramic markets in Delhi and its nearby areas. With the number of shops increasing, more creative people joined the group. It became convenient for them to sell exceptional accessories, home decor items, ceramic splendors, and artistic pottery styles.
  • Hauz Rani Market South Delhi is not a big stretch or market complex. It is only a part of the footpath where different artisans give stalls in lines. However, the marvellous designs of the hand-crafted pots or the ceramic items capture attention at once. Besides, Hauz Rani market is famous for its hand-made sculptures also.
  • Today, you will find hundreds of art objects in this market at the most affordable rates. It showcases local craftwork, traditional designs, and unique pieces of jewelry. Find out the impressive crockeries and garden objects too. A happy heart is the ultimate result of visiting Hauz Rani market shops.

Specialties Of Hauz Rani Market

  1. Home Decor items: The primary attraction of Hauz Rani Market is the perfect finishing of the clay and ceramic items. You will find numerous pleasing home decor items of different materials. The terracotta candles, pots, and sculptures come in very low ranges from this place. Moreover, the wall hangings and clay lanterns are must-buy objects during Diwali and other festive seasons.
  2. Crockeries: Hauz Rani is one of the most chaotic markets in Delhi due to the heavy crowds. It is mainly for the abundance of potteries and crockeries. The wide array of differently curved utensils will make your kitchen corner appealing.
  3. Garden Accessories: Apart from decorating the homes, you can also have multiple options to give a unique touch to your gardens. If you are a plant lover, go for the special nurseries adjacent to the pottery shops. Furthermore, hundreds of plant varieties are there to add to your garden. Pick some rare indoor plants, too, at the best prices ever.

Hauz Rani Market Opening and Closing Hours or Timings?

07:30 am to 07:00 pm

Hauz Rani Market Address?

Shivalik Colony, Malviya Nagar, Delhi, 110017

How to reach Hauz Rani Market?

The market is easy to visit by taking the Yellow Line metro in Delhi. Get down at Gate No. 3 of Malviya Nagar metro station to reach the place.

Top Items You Cannot Miss At Hauz Rani Market

  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Bathroom products
  • Hanging Lanterns and windchimes
  • Birds Houses
  • Colourful Stones
  • Indoor Plants
  • Clay pots and vases

Reasons To Visit Hauz Rani Market

  • Affordable products: You will get ample varieties of crockeries, flower pots, and other home decor at budget-friendly rates.
  • Location: The market is not a very big one and is located centrally at Malviya Nagar. So, a quick visit is possible any day, even after the office.
  • High Quality: The craftsmen take special care of all the articles they sell here. Ther

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Is glassware available in Hauz Rani Market?

Yes, you will get some exclusive pieces of wine glasses from this market.


Can I get a customized earthen pitcher here?

Yes, you can. However, for customized items, you have to contact any of the pottery dealers in advance. The prices can be higher in such cases.


Can I reach Hauz Rani Market by any other vehicles except the metro?

Yes. You can come in a cab or a bus.
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